The OTT.X Leadership Development Foundation
2021  Summit

May 4, 2021 | 9:00 - 3:00 PM PST

Developing leaders and encouraging inclusion and diversity in the OTT industry.

The half-day online summit will prepare an inclusive population of professionals interested in advancing in the entertainment and OTT industry with resources to support the development of their leadership skills, contacts, and confidence.

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Career and leadership development presentations delivered by successful executives, leaders and subject matter experts


Discussion Groups

Informal interactive sessions between conference attendees and industry executives 


Allyship and Mentorship

mentorship networking sessions providing the opportunity for informal connections with a wide range of professionals.    



Conference Program

       (All Times Pacific)


Session kickoff and introduction – Mark Fisher, President & CEO, OTT.X


LDF Steering Committee Mission – Kristen Bedno, VP of Distribution & Marketing, Vision Films


Keynote Presentation: David Bishop, President, The David Bishop Group

David Bishop is a visionary and successful leader who will discuss his journey from President of two multibillion dollar global media companies – Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and MGM Worldwide Home Entertainment to leadership and organizational development expert.

He will share his most valuable lessons in leadership as he rose from the backroom of a record store to overseeing over 20 billion in world-wide revenue during his career. 

David has recently completed a white paper at Harvard University that uncovered key factors in effective leadership during the pandemic and what strategies will be effective as we move to the post Covid world.


Panel discussion – The Value of Mentorship – Executives discuss the role mentorship has had on their lives and the value of having a trusted leader to help in your decision-making process. Additional mentorship organizations highlight the benefits and opportunities within their organizations.

Moderator: Joye Smith, CEO, Gather Media Network


Chad Kennedy, SVP Current Programing, Warner Bros 

Jude Fitzmorris, Principal Product Manager, Amazon 

Kelly Goode, SVP, Current Programming, Warner Bros

Paulette Pantoja CEO Blu Digital

Larraine Segil Chairman & CEO, Exceptional Women Awardees Foundation


Panel Discussion – Preparing a Diverse Workforce – Executives at the top of their game do a deep and honest dive into what it took to get them there. What does your path look like? What is different about where you are than where you thought you’d be? What are some key takeaways you’ve learned? What do you know now that you wish you knew at the beginning of your career?

Moderator:  Quincy Newell, CEO, TwentyOne14 Media


Jennifer Davidson, EVP of Communications, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Matt Hill, Head of Monetization, Fire Devices, Amazon

Davinder Luthra, Global Digital Leader, Spherex 

Elsa Ramo, Managing Partner, Ramo Law


Panel Discussion – Earning Your Seat at the Table – Hiring managers discuss interviewing dos and don'ts, recruiters explain how to get your resume seen, and HR professionals talk about how to search and apply for jobs. Additional discussions include why you should apply for jobs you may think are above your level and how to negotiate salaries and promotions.

Moderator: Michele Edelman, Head of Growth, Premiere Digital


Lauri Baker, Partner & COO, Pause Commercials

Laurie Knight, President, Chief HR Professional, Trio Human Resources

Roni Williams, VP of HR, Shout Factory


Panel Discussion – What Makes a "Boss" a Leader – The difference between a leader and a manager/boss is readily apparent, as a leader develops their employees, mentors them, creates a positive work environment with open communication, etc...  This conversation will lean in on qualities of effective leadership and examples the panelists can share from their lives about leaders that have inspired them. Maybe a little comical story of a bad experience from the past (no names, please!) but we focus on the positive!

Moderator: Sue Bolton VP of Global Product Operations, Starz and CEO & Founder, Transformative Visions Leadership Coaching


Tiffany Boyle, President of Packaging, Ramo Law

Charlene Jimenez, Director of Entertainment Partnerships & Advocacy, Define American 

KellyAnn Murphy, Executive Director, Global Product Operations, Starz

Rebecka Swe, Project Manager, Globalization, Netflix

Howard Yang, Manager, Rights Management, Netflix


Lunch Break


Fireside Chat Ask Us Anything! Panelists from earlier sessions are back to answer your questions about mentorship, climbing the ladder, interviewing, effective leadership, and more!


Session Wrap-Up

Our Speakers

Steering Committee Chair
Kristen Bedno

Vice President, Distribution and Marketing
Vision Films

Keynote Speaker
David Bishop

The David Bishop Group

FMR: President, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, MGM Worldwide Home Entertainment

Lauri Baker

Partner, COO
Pause Commercials


Sue Bolton

Vice President of Global Product Operations Starz 

CEO & Founder Transformative Visions Leadership Coaching 

Tiffany Boyle

President, Packaging & Sales 
Ramo Law 

Jennifer Davidson

Executive VP, Communications 
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Michele Edelman

Head of Growth
Premiere Digital

Mark Fisher

President & CEO

Jude Fitzmorris

Principal Product Manager
Amazon Prime Video

Eric Hanson


Matt Hill

Head of Device Monetization Amazon Fire TV

Charlene Jimenez

Director of Entertainment Partnerships & Advocacy
Define American

Chad Kennedy

Senior VP, Current Programming
Warner Bros

Laurie Knight

President, Chief HR Professional
Trio Human Resources

Davinder Luthra


KellyAnn Murphy

Executive Director, Global Product Operations

Paulette Pantoja


Elsa Ramo

Managing Partner 
Ramo Law

Larraine Segil

Founder, Chair, & CEO
Exceptional Woman Awardees

Joye Smith

Gather Media Network

Rebecka Swe

Project Manager

Roni Williams

VP, Human Resources & Operations
Shout! Factory

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